At last month's Medical Advisory Board (MAB) meeting, MONOC's new System Medical Director and Assistant System Medical Director were elected. Every two years, the MAB votes for these positions to lead our medical oversight and treatment protocol setting tasks for the entire company and all the services we provide.

Dr. Mark Merlin, our System Medical Command and Specialty Care Transport Medical Director, was elected by the other physician members of the MAB as our new System Medical Director. As the System Medical Director, Dr. Merlin will also act as Chairman of the MAB.

In addition, Dr. Patrick Davis, of Clara Maass Medical Center's Emergency Department, was elected as our new Assistant System Medical Director and will act as the MAB's Vice-Chairman. Dr. Davis continues to serve as our BLS Narcan Program Medical Director and will now also serve as our Epi-Pen Program Medical Director.

It is appropriate at this time to extend our sincere appreciation to Dr. James Cameron who has served as MONOC's System Medical Director and MAB Chairman since 2003. He will continue as a member of the MAB representing Riverview Medical Center. We also wish to thank Dr. Mike Marchetti who has served as our Assistant System Medical Director and MAB Vice-Chairman since 1998. He will continue to represent Bayshore Community Hospital on the MAB. They have both provided MONOC with expert guidance for many years.