I am pleased to announce that MONOC successfully attained reaccreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transportation Systems (CAMTS) for our Air-Medical program this month (July, 2017). CAMTS is the nationally recognized, independent accrediting body for the Air-Medical industry. Not all Air-Medical programs seek CAMTS accreditation due to its rigorous requirements. Attainment of accreditation by CAMTS validates an organization?s compliance with stringent administrative, operational and medical competencies and standards. MONOC was first accredited by CAMTS in 2014 and has maintained accreditation ever since. Accreditation lasts for 3 years and an organization must undergo a comprehensive review and site inspection each time it chooses to reaccredit. MONOC is among only 185 CAMTS accredited programs in the United States. Of New Jersey?s ten licensed Air-Medical programs, only three are CAMTS accredited, including MONOC. MONOC remains the first agency to be CAMTS accredited in New Jersey. We are proud of our program, the flight team of paramedics and nurses who provide lifesaving care to our patients, our management personnel who lead the program and our physicians who provide medical oversight. For more information on MONOC?s Air-Medical program, please contact: MONOC Air-Medical program, 4806 Megill Road, Neptune, NJ 07753.