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MONOC is...

"a non-profit hospital cooperative to improve healthcare and reduce members' costs"


The Monmouth Ocean Hospital Service Corporation, is a non-profit company comprised of fifteen acute care hospitals throughout New Jersey. Together this shared services consortium acts as a healthcare co-operative for these acute care hospitals and the over 2.8 million residents that they serve living in more than 1,800 square miles along New Jersey's northern, central and southern shore.  It includes hospitals from three of New Jersey's premier integrated health care delivery networks; Meridian Health System, Robert Wood Johnson Health Network and the Saint Barnabas Health System.
MONOC's Board of Directors is comprised of the Presidents/Executive Directors of each member hospital.  In addition, administrative and financial experts from each hospital serve as a resource and offer guidance through participation on the Board Executive and Finance committees.  Ad-Hoc Committees are formed on an as-needed basis to address special projects.
MONOC's Medical Advisory Board is composed of emergency department physicians from each of the eleven mobile intensive care system participating hospitals, a system Mobile Critical Care Services Medical Director, and a system Air Medical Unit Medical Director.
MONOC was formed in 1978 as "a cooperative venture to improve health care and reduce costs. "Among its numerous service lines, MONOC operates MICU Paramedic Services, Helicopter interfacility and 911 services, Mobile Critical Care Services, and Basic Life Support interfacility and 911 services. Additionally, MONOC operates the largest Emergency Medical Services education department in New Jersey providing continuing medical education to EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and the general public. Coordinating all of MONOC’s communications is a 24/7 state of the art 9-1-1 dispatch center.