MONOC’s billing department consists of highly trained personnel. They include: Billing Clerks, Data Entry Clerks, Cash Application Specialists, and Patient Account Advocates. Our experienced staff works with both patients and insurance companies to ensure quick and efficient processing of bills.

Our Patient Account Advocates are available Monday through Friday to assist patients with any questions or concerns they may have. In order to ensure that our patients receive prompt and effective billing related service, MONOC’s Billing Department is divided according to the level of service provided to the patient. Further, each Patient Account Advocate is assigned a specific section of the alphabet, so incoming calls are easily directed to the appropriate representative.

Bills are generated daily, and are sent to the appropriate payor. Shortly after the bills are generated, MONOC’s Patient Account Advocates follow up to ensure timely and accurate processing of said bills. Any improperly processed claims are addressed immediately.

Payments arrive in our office and are applied accordingly to the patient’s account. MONOC’s Billing Department strives to provide courteous and effective service to our patients. Our goal is to provide a successful customer service experience, and to ensure that every patient’s experience with our Billing Department is a positive one.