MONOC, has flown over eight hundred (800) patients since the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services issued an air medical unit license on Thursday, April 6, 2006. The first patient flights were flown starting Monday, April 10, 2006.

MONOC MedEVAC is currently based at the Miller Airport in Berkeley Township, New Jersey. Specifically aimed at the interfacility transport market, our main profile of MONOC MedEVAC is to provide an unprecedented level of interfacility transport care to the patients of its member hospitals. MONOC MedEVAC is also the primary "911 Scene" response helicopter for southern Monmouth and the majority of Ocean Counties.

Operating a new, specially configured American Eurocopter EC135, one of the most advanced medical helicopters available, MONOC MedEVAC, aside from normal specialty care transport capabilities, will be able to transport patients who require an intra-aortic balloon pump services never before available in New Jersey. In addition, the aircraft can accommodate extra medical specialists when the need arises.

The EC135 helicopter has been built to MONOC’s specifications. Advanced safety features include satellite navigation and tracking, on-board weather radar, and night-vision goggle technology. All flights are monitored by MONOC Control, the state’s most advanced medical transport and EMS communications center, located at our Wall Township corporate headquarters.

MONOC is the only hospital cooperative in New Jersey, and is a non-profit shared hospital services corporation specializing in ambulance, specialty care and air-medical transportation. We also provide regional paramedic and municipal 911-ambulance services throughout the state. We are the largest provider of full spectrum medical transportation, including MedEvac, as well as MICU and BLS EMS, in the state.

This program's name is a "DBA" for Med-Trans Corporation (Med-Trans), an FAA Part 135 certificate holder and operator. Accordingly, all transportation by air that is done by this program is, in fact, done by Med-Trans. All aircraft and flights are under the operational control of Med-Trans, and all operations by this program are conducted under Med-Trans' operations specifications (OpSpecs). Med-Trans has the responsibility for ensuring this program's aircraft(s) are airworthy and are in compliance with its FAA-approved inspection/maintenance program. Med-Trans has specified the conditions under which flight may be operated. All flight crewmembers at this program that are assigned to a flight by Med-Trans are qualified, and have been trained under Med-Trans' approved training program.

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