MONOC & Technology

The MONOC Information Systems Department is responsible for the research, implementation, deployment and maintenance of MONOC's IT infrastructure. MONOC prides ourselves not only on the care of our patients but also the state of the art equipment we utilize in our patient care. Just some of the systems we have deployed are

GPS/Data enabled ambulances
This system allows our dispatch center to know where our ambulances are at every moment ensuring the closest unit is sent to the emergency scene
Silent Dispatch System
With Silent Dispatch, our teams can achieve new levels of performance and improve customer service and response times while preserving data integrity. The Silent Dispatch system's onboard electronic data communication system enables your dispatch center and crew to communicate accurately and effectively in real-time. It also allows call and patient information to be instantly transferred to other necessary dispatch applications such as our mapping program.

The Silent Dispatch Systems's mapping feature displays a detailed, interactive street map of your dispatch region. And with the optional GPS feature, our dispatch center can view the current location of all vehicles, which can mean much faster response times. No more garbled radio messages, misunderstood addresses or risky exposure of confidential information.The Silent Dispatch’s wireless solution means clear, secure, real-time information from dispatch to our emergency crews in the field.

Our IT element offers 24/7 support over our systems ensuring our systems are up and running every possible moment of every day allowing our crews to concentrate on what's important, the patients. Additionally our IT staff have over combined 15 years field experience and understand what the job takes and how to make our crews even more efficient.